Free Webinar: The Surprising Truth About Growing Your Online Store

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The real difference between sales and profit and where most business owners go wrong
  • Strategies to boost revenue without having to hire extra staff, order more inventory, or increase ad spend
  • How to stop doing “everything” in your business so you don’t burn out
  • The surprising money mistake almost all online store owners make without realizing it (and it’s an easy fix)

This webinar is for product-based entrepreneurs who are currently selling online and want to sell more. 🙂

About The Presenter

Hey there! I’m Jane Hamill, and I ran a wholesale and retail business for many years, selling my products to Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s, Macy’sSaks Jandel, Mark Shale, my own Chicago boutique, and more.

I had showroom reps in 5 different cities selling my clothing line to boutiques all over the world. My travel schedule was insane, I worked 14 hour days, and I loved it! Until I didn’t. I became tired, overwhelmed, and crabby. 


I knew there had to be an easier way and I set out to find it.


There were 4 key shifts I had to make to grow my business faster while actually working fewer (and less stressful) hours. I changed my mindset, my systems, and I switched up my team. I stopped working weekends and nights, developed systems, started taking vacations, and I made some real money.

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